More Oral Activities leading to Reading and Writing

Today we will discuss more Oral Activities leading to Reading and Writing.

We will again try to combine Oral Activities, Reading and Writing.

We will start with Oral Activities.

Look at the following cartoon.

 Click on the following link:


  • Can you find a suitable title, saying or caption for this cartoon?
  • Describe the cartoon and the message behind it.

The following words may help you:

air pollution   –   זיהום אויר

choke   –   להיחנק

cough   –   להשתעל

addiction   –   התמכרות

victims   –   קרבנות

heart disease   –   מחלת לב

lung cancer   –   סרטן ריאות

respiratory diseases   –   מחלות דרכי הנשימה

lack of consideration   –   חוסר התחשבות

passive smoking   –   עישון סביל

nuisance   –   הטרדה

anti – smoking campaign   –   מסע פרסום נגד העישון

disgusting habit   –   הרגל מגונה

Developing Oral Activities

  1. Act out a dialogue between a mother (who smokes) and her teenage daughter. The mother is trying to discourage her daughter from picking up the habit.

Helpful Vocabulary

set an example   –  לשמש דוגמה

moral right to preach   –   זכות מוסרית להטיף

for the sake of   –   למען

responsibility   –   אחריות

quit   –   להפסיק

2. Act out a dialogue between two youngsters. One of them is trying to convince his friend to take a cigarette. The other refuses to give in to social pressure.

3. Act out a dialogue between a smoker and an ex-smoker. The ex-smoker tries to convince his friend to quit. He talks about the advantages of not smoking and also offers useful tips to help him kick the habit.

Reading Comprehension Text

In the past, smoking used to be considered a sign of sophistication which was socially accepted or at least politely tolerated. As the connection between cigarettes and serious diseases like lung cancer and heart failure became more evident, people's concern about their health brought about a change in their attitude to cigarette smoking. People have become increasingly health conscious and since experts claim that smoking is also dangerous to non-smokers exposed to smoking, widely supported anti-smoking campaigns deal with the negative effects of passive smoking.

The main objective is to discourage youngsters from developing the undesirable habit by pointing out its risks. It is also very important to convince cigarette-addicts to give up smoking. Governments are trying to change people's habits by regulation. In 1984, a law banning smoking in public places was passed in Israel. In many restaurants and institutions there are smoking and non-smoking sections, the aim being to protect non-smokers.

Smokers unwilling or unable to break the habit often complain about the severe anti-smoking measures which make them feel like a persecuted minority. There would be no need for such laws if smokers had the sense and courtesy to smoke in private out of consideration for others. The rush to pass new laws restricting smoking reflects the general consensus that the rights of non-smokers should take precedence over those of smokers.

General Instructions

  • Read the  text.
  • Sum up each paragraph.
  • Give a title to each paragraph.
  • Complete the following sentences based on the text:

1. Smoking is dangerous not only to …,
but also to …
if they …

2. If young people understand …,
they will hopefully …

3. The rights of non-smokers are more …

4. Changing people's habits by regulation refers to ….

5. The anti -smoking measures mentioned in the text refer to …

Suggestions for Writing Activities

  1. Write a letter to a newspaper complaining about cigarette advertisements.

You may begin as follows:

28, Ben Yehuda St.


November 19, 2019

Jerusalem Post

Mr. David Shavit, Chief Editor

Dear Sir;

I would like to protest  …


Guilad Shaked

The following Vocabulary may help you:

responsibility towards the readers   –   אחריות כלפי הקוראים

the power of the media   –   עוצמת כלי התקשורת

negative effect   –   השפעה שלילית

ban   –   לאסור

2. Your sixteen year old brother/sister has begun smoking. You are seriously set against it. Try to convince him/her to stop before it turns into a real habit. Write a list of reasons why he/she should stop or a list of tips to help him/her kick the habit.


And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

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