More about Reading and Writing

We have already discussed the importance of combining Reading and Writing.

We know that this combination can improve students' abilities in both domains.

In my last post I introduced a short text on learning languages. The text provided information on the subject and based on that, students had to deal with Writing Activities

We will now use a different text to encourage Writing Activities.

Reading Comprehension Text

Eating out has become very popular in Israel. People of all ages and social backgrounds often meet at a coffee shop, pub or restaurant. For some, the idea is to get a quick bite and avoid the cooking, the dishes and the mess in the kitchen. For others, the aim is to taste special, exotic food as far removed as possible from the boring, routine meals they usually have at home. Yet above all, eating out has become a fashionable form of entertainment, food being just an excuse for meeting friends, and the restaurant – neutral ground – to entertain or be entertained.

The menus offered in Israel have come a long way from the traditional falafel, humus and shishlik. You can enjoy a large variety of Greek, Italian, French, Chinese or Japanese foods – to mention just a few. Youngsters go mainly for pizzas or hamburgers, while adults usually prefer more sophisticated foods.

As a result of this trend, the traditional Israeli food – a combination of Oriental and East European recipes – is gradually changing, influenced by newcomers, tourists or exotic meals tasted in restaurants abroad. The kind of food which is probably closest to our palate is the one which comes from countries bordering the Mediterranean. The ingredients which make this cuisine so distinctive are garlic, olive oil, olives, tomatoes, peppers and special herbs like basil and oregano, which account for the rich taste of these foods on the one hand, as well as their high calorie content on the other.

General Instructions

  • Read the  text.
  • Sum up each paragraph.
  • Give a title to each paragraph.


1. According to the first paragraph, eating in restaurants

a. has always been popular everywhere.

b. has become fashionable in Israel.

c. is mainly popular among youngsters.

2. Restaurants are usually full of

a. young people.

b. young and old.

c. people who can afford it.

3. What does the author mean by the words a quick bite (paragraph 1)?

4. How does eating out save work (paragraph 1)?

5. Why is the restaurant referred to as neutral ground (paragraph 1)?

6. Complete the following sentence:

While young people usually prefer …, grown ups often choose ….

7. Explain the advantage and disadvantage of Mediterranean food as mentioned in paragraph 3

8. What phrase in the first paragraph means very different? ….

9. What phrase in the third paragraph means step by step? …

10. What does the expression: the kind of food which is closest to our palate in the third paragraph mean?

Suggestions for Writing Activities

  1. Write a recipe for one of your favorite dishes. (Choose a salad, a soup or a cake).

Helpful Vocabulary:

instructions – הוראות

ingredients – מרכיבים

fry – לטגן

place ….  on a baking sheet – להניח … בתבנית אפיה

cook until tender – לבשל עד שיתרכך

season – לתבל

2. Write a letter to your friend abroad describing your brother's Bar Mitzvah party. Include a detailed account of the menu.

3. Write two or three paragraphs on the dangers of crash diets.

Helpful Vocabulary:

a well balanced diet – דיאטה מאוזנת

nutrition – תזונה

irreversible damage – נזק בלתי הפיך

consult a dietician – להתייעץ עם דיאטן 


And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

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