Combining Oral, Reading and Writing Activities


Our aim is to combine different activities from different domains. All the activities have to center around the same theme and lead to the Reading Comprehension text. 

We will start with Oral Activities.

Look at the following cartoon.

 Click on the following link:


  • Can you find a suitable title, saying or caption for this cartoon?
  • Both pictures are of the same woman. How do we know that?
  • What has this woman undergone? Why?
  • What do you think about it?

The following words may help you:

plastic surgery   –   ניתוח פלסטי

youth restoring operation   –   ניתוח להחזרת הנעורים

distorted shape   –   צורה מעוותת

reconstruction   –   שיחזור

facial features   –   תווי פנים

"nose job"   –   (ניתוח פלסטי באף (ביטוי עממי

wrinkles   –   קמטים

face lift   –   מתיחת עור הפנים

double chin   –   סנטר כפול

Reading Comprehension Text

Modern plastic surgery began during World War 1. Its aim was to help the thousands of wounded soldiers who needed physical reconstruction. Surgeons developed techniques to reconstruct damaged parts of the body and facial features. These operations helped improve not only the soldiers' physical appearance, but the quality of their lives as well.

As the years went by, surgeons began to use similar techniques for healthy people who wished to look better or younger. In the past, only people in show business or millionnaires had a face lift or acquired a new nose. Nowadays, thanks to advances in medical techniques, cost reduction and wide publicity, more and more people turn to plastic surgeons for help.

These operations are not, however, risk-free. There is always the chance of an unexpected complication. Therefore, people should turn to a plastic surgeon (a reliable one, of course), only after serious consideration, having weighed all aspects of the issue.

General Instructions

  • Read the  text.
  • Sum up each paragraph.
  • Give a title to each paragraph.


1. The first paragraph deals with:

a. the results of World War 1.

b. the quality of a soldier's life.

c. the beginning of reconstructive surgery.

2. Complete the following sentence:

When a wounded soldier undergoes plastic surgery, he not only looks better but ——————————————–

3. Why do many people today turn to plastic surgery?

4. Why has plastic surgery become so popular lately?

5. Find two examples of plastic operations mentioned in the text.


Suggestions for Writing Activities

1.You have undergone a nose operation. You are not satisfied with the results. Write a short letter of complaint to the Director of the clinic where the operation was performed.

You may begin as follows:

32 Jaffa St.


November 24, 2019

Beauty Clinic

Dr. Daniel Shavit


Dear Sir,

I would like to file a complaint against ———————————————-

The operation took place in —————————————- on —————————————

As a result of the operation, ——————————————————

I intend —————————————

I expect ——————————————————-

You may end the letter as follows:


Dorit Zehavy

The following words may help you:

swollen   –   נפוח

depressed   –   מדוכא/מדוכאת

medical negligence   –   רשלנות רפואית

huge expenses   –   הוצאות ענקיות

sue   –   להגיש תביעה

compensation   –   פיצוי

corrective surgery   –   ניתוח מתקן

lose one's medical licence   –   לאבד רישיון רפואה

2. Your friend in New York wants to have her nose done. Write her an email trying to dissuade her.

And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

Lea 🙂


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