Oral Activities and Reading Comprehension

Oral Activities, based on prior knowledge, will facilitate comprehension of a Reading Comprehension Passage.

We will start with a cartoon.

What is the appeal of cartoons?

The cartoon will encourage students to talk. Capturing the attention of and engaging pupils during lessons is at times challenging and frustrating. Cartoons are an excellent teaching tool. Pupils will not only enjoy themselves but also gain a better understanding of the subject the reading passage will be dealing with. 

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More suggestions for class discussion:

Do you have a good memory?

Is a good memory always an advantage?

Would you prefer to forget certain things from time to time? Can you give examples?

Are there ways to improve our memory?

Now we can proceed to the text.

Reading Comprehension Passage

Memory is a gift. The ability to remember faces we have met, voices we have heard or stories we have read is something we usually take for granted. It is very difficult to function without a good memory. For students, a good memory may save a lot of work. It is a blessing.

Memory, however, can be a curse too. There are so many things that are forever imprinted in our memory that we wish we could forget. It would be wonderful to erase all those unhappy moments which still cause a lot of pain whenever we remember them.

Some people have a very selective memory. They remember only what they wish to remember and "forget" what they prefer to ignore. For instance, students often "forget" to do their homework, but they may never forget a date with prince or princess charming. They may "forget" an exam in history or math, but they always remember the driving test. Memory can certainly play strange tricks.

Working on the text:

1. Complete the following sentences according to the passage you have read.

  • Some people remember only …

  • We often wish we could …

  • These are some of the strange tricks …

  • A good memory is especially important …

  • For example, they may forget ….

  • They tend to forget …

  • Memory can be both a blessing …

  • It would be great if we could …

  • However, they always remember …

  • We often don't appreciate …

2. Rearrange the sentences in chronological order according to the passage.

3. Bring examples of sentences in which the verb forget has been used in an ironic way. What is the author of the passage trying to hint at?

4. According to the passage,memory is a gift, a blessing. Give examples from the text to justify this statement.

5. When can memory becomea curse?

6. Look at the last sentence of the passage. What do the words strange tricks imply?

Homework Assignments

  • Write a MEMO. List five important tasks you have to accomplish tomorrow.
  • Write a short paragraph describing a dream you remember.


And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

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