Lesson Plan – Focus on Writing

We have already discussed a lesson focusing on Reading Comprehension.

Today's lesson plan will focus on Writing.

If we want to focus on Writing, we will still start with an oral activity since this is the most natural, authentic way to start an English lesson and create a language atmosphere.

We should decide what writing genre we are going to teach. It doesn't matter what grade we are teaching. We can teach every genre at every level – even at the sentence level or paragraph level. What will differ is the length of the written text, the content, the vocabulary and the structure.

If we decide to concentrate this time on writing a letter, we will first have an oral activity on the changes of correspondence styles over the years: letters and telegrams,  as opposed to e-mail and SMS, for example.

Then we will have a short reading activity. We will read a short text related to the subject discussed in class, write new vocabulary on the board and then move to the writing activity based on the text read in class. The homework assigned will also be connected to the text read in class or to the writing activity.

This way, we have had a lesson combining three domains: oral, reading and writing activities, but focusing on one: WRITING.

Remember, we should spend about 20 minutes on the domain we have decided to focus on – WRITING – and 5-10 minutes on each of the other activities.

And that's all so far. My next tip will deal with writing while following the sequence of Tenses.

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