Basic Writing in the Present

Today we will focus on Basic Writing in the Present.

How can we teach Writing?

Writing should not be detached from all the other domains we teach, but related to at least one of them.

We can have a guided writing activity related to Grammar in which we practice the use of a certain structure in a text we write. We can have a guided writing activity related to a Reading Comprehension Passage, a Listening Comprehension Passage or an Oral Activity.

When should we start teaching Basic Writing?

The answer is:

As soon as possible!

My Personal Tips:

  • Writing Activities must be carefully guided.
  • A Vocabulary List may prove very helpful
  • Students should be advised to choose a certain time reference and try to stick to the Cycle of the Present or the Cycle of the Past as much as possible so that the sequence of tenses may be observed throughout most of the text.

In this post I will focus on simple Writing Activities for Junior High related to the Cycle of the Present.
Students should be advised to use the Present Simple, Present Progressive, Future simple and Imperative whenever possible.

1. Write a very short letter to the principal of your school. 

You may suggest that lessons should be shorter and recesses longer, classes should start later and end earlier. You may add any other suggestions you can think of.

You may start as follows:

2, Ben Yehuda St.

Ramat Gan

September 3, 2020

Dr. David Zehavi, Principal,

…….(Name)………….. High School

Dear Sir,

I am writing to make a few helpful suggestions.

I think that …

The reasons are …

I am looking forward to …


2. Share your favorite cake recipe with your friends.

Start by describing the cake, explain when you first tasted it, who gave you the recipe and why you love it so much.

Write a list of ingredients and then move to instructions.

You may end by describing a funny / annoying incident you may have had related to this cake.

The following words may help you:

oven     –     תנור אפייה

whipped cream     –     קצפת

walnuts     –    אגוזי מלך

baking pan     –     תבנית אפייה

dough     –     בצק

bowl     –     קערה

medium heat     –    חום בינוני

smooth mixture     –     לשמן תבנית

3. Write a few paragraphs describing your life twenty years from now.

How will you look?

Where will you live?

Where will you work?

What will your profession be?

What will your family status be?

4. Write the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Start explaining why most people often watch / listen to the weather forecast. 

Then move to the forecast itself. You may choose to write about the weather forecast regarding a certain city in Israel or any country in the world or in your imagination. You may also write about the clothes recommended according to the weather.

The following words may be helpful:

partly cloudy     –     מעונן חלקית

fog     –     ערפל

occasional showers     –     גשמים פזורים

local showers     –     גשמים מקומיים

humidity     –    לחות

rainstorm     –     סופת גשמים

temperature     –     מידת חום

degrees     –     מעלות

above zero     –     מעל אפס

below zero     –     מתחת לאפס

5. Write a letter to your bank manager asking for a loan.

Here are some suggestions.

Mr David Cohen, Manager

Bank Leumi – Raanana

Dear Sir,

                 Re: Bank Loan

I would like to …

I need the money …

I will be able to repay …

Please answer me …

Thanking you in advance,


6. Write a short paragraph about your attitude to television and the programs you like best. You may follow these guidelines:

I like (don't like) television  because …

I watch …

talk shows


video clips


dramatic series



the news

sports broadcasts


I like these programs because they are  …

interesting / exciting / funny / informative / educational / full of suspense.

I would like to see more …

westerns / ballets / circus performances / old movies / pop concerts … because …

I think T.V. should show less …

and that's all for today. More Writing Activities in my next post.

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