Teaching the Future Past

Last time we studied the Past Progressive.

What kind of Future will we use for a future action in a text in the Past?

In English we have various kinds of Future. In Hebrew we have one. That is why our students may find this issue problematic.

In English we have a real future – Future Simple and an unreal Future – Future Past. The name may seem confusing: Future and Past in the same name? And yet, the name is most appropriate in this case. When the things were said, they referred to the Future, but time has gone by and they are already part of the Past.


I thought the Cohens would move to Tel Aviv at the end of the year, but they did not.

Weaker classes might be told that if the text is in the Present ( most verbs are in the Present), they should use the Future Simple for actions in the Future, but if the passage is in the Past (most verbs are in the Past), the Future Past will usually be more appropriate.

You may find the following map very useful when teaching the Cycle of the Past.

מפת העבר.pdf

For more details, please see:

דקדוק אנגלי לדוברי עברית, עמ' 36-41, מפה – עמ' 83.

For practice, please see:

The New Language Guidebook and Workbook, p 66-70

We have finished the Cycle of the Past.

Have a great week!

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