Teaching the Future Simple

We have already discussed the Present Simple and the Present Progressive and we are now moving to the Future Simple.

I think it is important to teach the Future Simple right after the Present in order to complete the Cycle of the Present.

We have several kinds of Future in English, but only one in Hebrew and that may lead to confusion.

The Future Simple belongs to the Cycle of the Present. We are in the Present and we refer to the Future.

The Future Simple is a real Future. It refers to things that will or will not happen in the Future.

The other verbs in the text are usually in the Present..

e.g. I am afraid we will miss the train.

       I think Dan will return next week.

       I am  waiting for Dana. I am sure she will call soon.

You may find the following map very useful when teaching the Cycle of the Present

מפת ההווה.pdf

For further details and varieties related to the Future Simple, please see דקדוק אנגלי לדוברי עברית – p 21-22, map (p 26)

For practice, please see The New Language Guidebook and Workbook – p 62-63.

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