Capital Letters and Punctuation

Last week we dealt with Basic Writing  Activities related to Language Structures in the Present.

What is our subject today?

Today we will deal with Capital Letters and Punctuation. This is a very important subject and even though most students are aware of the importance of Capital Letters and Punctuation, they tend to disregard the rules and as a result, a passage may be  simply illegible, almost impossible to understand. 

What can we do about it?

We must practise at all levels even as early as fifth grade and continue up to the twelfth grade. The subjects and vocabulary lists should naturally be adapted to the level of the students.

The following Writing tasks may help your students practise Capital Letters and Punctuation.

Writing Tasks focusing on Capital Letters, Punctuation, composing letters and ads

a. Traveling

The following letter is not complete.

1. Add capitsl letters, commas, periods and question marks to the following letter.

36 allenby st

tel aviv

january 3 2020

mrs orna shavit

around the world tourist agency

27 ben yehuda st

tel aviv

dear madam

i am writing to request further information about the camping tour to  italy that you are organizing i have heard about it from my friends and am extremely interested

2. Complete the letter in exercise 1.

Ask for specific information about the tour. Explain what your expectations are.

The following words may help you:

route   –   נתיב, מסלול

luggage   –   מטען

age group  –   קבוצת גיל

common interests   –   נושאי עניין משותפים

adventures   –   הרפתקאות

unforgettable experience   –   חווייה בלתי נשכחת

3. Write Mrs. Shavit's answer.

4. Write an ad offering a special two-week vacation for 16-18 year old youngsters on a kibbutz.

5. Answer the ad. 

Write a short letter to the Countrystyle Vacation Agency. Ask for information (prices, activities, entertainment, etc). Add some details about yourself (age, interests, expectations).

b. Aliyah

The following letter is also incomplete.

1. Add capital letters, commas, periods and question marks in the following letter.

591 dean funes

buenos aires


april 28 2020

mr levy

jewish agency representative

dear sir

i am writing to request further information about the possibilities of aliyah

i am thirty years old married with two children aged three and five

i am a dentist and …

2. Complete the letter in exercise 1.

Add 5-15 lines.

Imagine you are a potential newcomer. Add details about yourself, your profession, as well as your wife's, your expectations and fears.

The following words and expressions may help you.

graduate   –   (לסיים בית ספר / אוניברסיטה (להיות בוגר של

medical school   –   בית ספר לרפואה

full-time job   –   משרה מלאה

part-time job   –   משרה חלקית

day-care center   –   מעון יום

flat, apartment   –   דירה

relatives   –   קרובים

private clinic   –   מרפאה פרטית

You may end the letter as follows:

Looking forward to…



3. Write an ad for the Experience Israel Summer Camp. The ad is for an American magazine.

4. Answer the ad. Write a short letter to the administrators of the camp.

Ask for further information.

Helpful Vocabulary

means of transportation   –   אמצעי תחבורה

date of departure   –   תאריך הפלגה / המראה

counsellor   –   יועץ / מדריך

location of camp   –   מיקום המחנה

programs   –   תכניות

That's all for today. More Writing Activities in my next post.

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