Reading and Integrating two Texts

Can we work on two texts in the same lesson?

Can Reading and Integrating two Texts enhance Reading Comprehension?

How can we do that?

Let's divide the class into groups of 4 – 6 students.

Half of the groups will be given one text and the other half will get the other text. Both texts have to be of the same level (Vocabulary and Grammar structures) and length. They have to deal with different aspects related to the same subject. Each group will be asked to:

  • Read the assigned  text.

  • Sum up each paragraph..

  • Give a title to the paragraph.

  • Exchange texts and do the same.

Reading Comprehension Passages

Hand out the following texts.

Text 1

Most people take a vacation once a year. They say they simply want to get away from it all: studies, work and any other obligations. They need some time off.

Preparations for a vacation usually start months before the actual date of departure. People run from one travel agency to another, check ads in the paper and popular websites to find the best vacation deals, compare prices, consult friends; in short, engage in serious research. The goal is to find the perfect deal: a fine vacation spot on the mountains or by the sea, a luxurious hotel, excellent food and sport facilities at a reasonable price.

Having found the right deal, we might expect everybody to have a great time and a lot of fun, but this is not always so. Some people are so addicted to their daily routine that they miss it as soon as they get away from it. Three or four days after their vacation begins, they get restless and bored. They miss their work, the lunch breaks with business friends, the gossip at the office, even the arguments with the boss…

Text 2

Travel agencies offer so many types of vacation deals that it is often hard to make the right choice. The main attraction of a package deal is that once you pay, everything is taken care of by the agency. There is absolutely nothing for you to worry about, no options to consider, no decisions to make.

The advantage of package deals may, however, be considered a disadvantage by others. Some people prefer to plan the route by themselves, rent a car and stop wherever and whenever they feel like it.

The problem is that we sometimes ruin our family vacation by cramming too many activities into two weeks of hyperactivity. If we try to visit all the museums in Paris, climb the Alps, swim across the British Channel and see five London musicals during the first week of our vacation, we may not have any strength left to enjoy the second week. Then we may return home physically and emotionally exhausted after this "instant culture, health, sports and fun" trip.

Suggestions for class discussion:

Do you always enjoy your vacation?

Are you ever bored while on vacation?

Tell the class about a particularly boring weekend or a trip that promised to be fun and turned into a catastrophe.

Have you ever missed school during your vacation? Have you ever longed for the beginning of the school-year?

Working on the texts – Integrating texts

After you have read both texts, compare the texts and try to integrate them into one text.

Consult with the other members of the group and compose the new text only after serious debate.

Homework assignments

Choose one of the following subjects and write 10 – 15 lines.

  • Describe the best / worst vacation you have ever had.
  • Are you for or against package deals? Justify your answer.


And that's all for today. More ideas and texts in my next post.

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