More about Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

The lesson plan must reflect the content of the lesson and its objectives. I think it might be best to start every English lesson at every level with an oral activity. The conversation can deal with current events or any relevant subject.  After a few minutes, we should somehow relate the talk to the main topic of our lesson.

If the lesson is going to focus on reading, the conversation should deal with the general theme of the text. We should try to use some of the new words that will appear in the text and write them on the blackboard in preparation for Reading Comprehension. The next step might be reading the text aloud (by the teacher or one of the students) with open or closed books. If the books are closed while the text is being read, the activity turns into a Listening Comprehension activity. After discussing the text in general terms, the students are required to read the text again and then, a detailed analysis of vocabulary and structure will follow.

Try to include a short writing activity in the lesson and don't forget the homework.

How do we plan a lesson that focuses on Grammar or Writing?

What is the best approach to homework and how do we correct homework?

Wait patiently for my next tips…

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