Lesson Plan – Focus on Reading Comprehension

Today we will introduce a basic lesson plan focusing on Reading Comprehension.

Remember, the lesson should focus on Reading Comprehension, but not consist of Reading Comprehension only.

Every lesson should combine 2 or 3 of the following domains:

Oral Activities, Writing Activities, Reading and Grammar

After all,

We are teaching English, not Writing, Reading or Grammar.

Our lesson today will focus on Reading Comprehension.

Pre – Reading Oral Activities – 10 minutes

Reading and analysis of the text (vocabulary, grammatical structures and content) – 20 minutes  

Guided homework:  Writing Activities following the text – 10 minutes

The pre-reading oral activity should deal with the general theme of the text. We should try to use some of the new words that will appear in the text and write them on the blackboard in preparation for Reading Comprehension. The next step might be reading the text aloud (by the teacher or one of the students) with open or closed books. If the books are closed while the text is being read, the activity turns into a Listening Comprehension activity. After discussing the text in general terms, the students are required to read the text again and then, a detailed analysis of vocabulary and structure will follow.

The objectives are: analyze a text, understand the vocabulary, grammatical structures and real meaning of the text and help students find the answers to the questions.

Reading Strategies

The recommended strategies depend on the grade, the level of the students, etc. For average or weak students, I think the best way is to concentrate on each paragraph, i.e. a small portion of the text only.


Read the title and the first paragraph.

Read every single sentence and underline keywords: verbs and nouns.

Look up the verb first if you don't know its meaning and then proceed to the noun if the sentence is still unclear.

Copy the meaning of the new word.

Do the same with the other sentences until you finish the paragraph.

Move to the questions on the paragraph. Try to see if words from the question appear in the text. Choose the right answer or write the answer to the question.

Proceed to the next paragraph.

Good luck! 

More about Reading Comprehension in my next post.

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