Graphic Organizers to improve Reading Comprehension

Today we will discuss the use of Graphic Organizers to improve Reading Comprehension.

What are Graphic Organizers?

Graphic Organizers are simple visual tools that allow students to break down stories and nonfiction texts. They also help kids keep track of thoughts as they read. 

Who are Graphic Organizers mainly intended for?

Every reader will benefit from Graphic Organizers, but they are probably most useful for students with reading disabilities and kids who struggle with reading. Graphic Organizers will facilitate Reading Comprehension and dramatically improve their reading skills. Graphic Organizers help these students keep track of thoughts as they read.

Why are Graphic Organizers so effective?

Graphic Organizers encourage students to convert a mass of data/information/ideas into a graphic map. The map gives students an increased understanding and insight into the topic. To create the map, the student needs to concentrate on the relationships between the items, decide where each item should be placed in the map, what information is important and which details should be discarded. In short, Graphic organizers help students construct meaning.

Graphic organizers come in many forms. Today we will introduce a basic Graphic Organizer: For or Against. We can use this Graphic Organizer for any text, at any level, provided there are arguments For and Against (Advantages and Disadvantages) in the text.

Introducing the Text

Let's start with an Oral Activity.

Look at the following cartoon. Click on the link below (Artist)


  • Describe the cartoon.

The following Vocabulary List may be helpful (Specially for weaker students)

   aspirations – שאיפות

   aspire – לשאוף

   mediocrity – בינוניות

   excellence – הצטיינות

   creation – יצירה

   oil colors – צבעי שמן

   water colors – צבעי מים

   canvas – בד ציור

   stand – כן ציור

   palette – לוח צבעים

   draw / sketch a picture – לצייר תמונה

  • Does the artist seem pleased with his work?
  • Why? What has he done? What can he do?
  • Can a real artist ever be pleased with his work? Discuss.

Developing class discussion based on the cartoon.

  • Are you ambitious?
  • Are you competitive?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being ambitious and competitive?
  • How do you cope with failure?
  • What would you tell a friend, who has failed, to make him feel better?

Reading Comprehension Text

Some people are perfectionists by nature. Everything they do must be the best. They will not be satisfied unless everything is perfect. They must always get the highest grades, the highest praise. Anything less than perfect is a failure.

There are many advantages to being a perfectionist. Such a person will never settle for mediocrity. He will always aspire to excellence. His wish to succeed, his ambition, will make him study and work harder than most people. That way, his chances of success will be higher.

However, there are many disadvantages as well. After all, people are human beings and they are bound to make mistakes. Nobody can succeed all the time. To hope for perfection is to be unrealistic. Perfectionists are often unhappy and bitter. Since they expect too much, they tend to be disappointed when results do not meet their expectations. They have to learn to accept the fact that supermen and superwomen exist only in story-books.

Working on the text

Read the text carefully.

Click on the link below.

For and Against – Chart

  • Add a title at the top of each column: Advantages  / Disadvantages or For / Against.
  • Put the advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism under each column. Try to add 2-3 items to each column based on your personal knowledge / experience.
  • Find the main idea of every paragraph.
  • Can you sum up the text in three sentences?
  • Choose a suitable title for the text.

Writing and Language Activities

1. Complete the following sentences according to the text.

  • If their grades are not …, that means …
  • They must accept the fact that …
  • The grades they get …
  • Perfectionists are often disappointed since …
  • Some people expect everything …
  • It is impossible …
  • Perfectionists will never …
  • If things are not perfect, they …

2. Rearrange the sentences that you have just completed in chronological order according to the passage.

3. Choose 3 or 4 sentences that would best sum up the text.

Homework Assignment

Write 2 – 3 paragraphs about one of the following subjects:

  • Do you know people who are perfectionists? Describe one of them.
  • Some people say that it is easier to be average. The lives of exceptionally gifted or talented people are not easy. Discuss.


And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

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