Focus on Grammar – Lesson Plan

Focus on Grammar – Lesson Plan

We have already dealt with Lesson Plans in general.

This time we will deal with a lesson focusing on Grammar.

Remember, we are not teaching Grammar as an isolated item, but as an integral part of the English lesson and always in context.

We will start as usual with an oral activity for about 10 minutes.

The conversation will be related to the structure we are planning to teach. If I want to teach Present Simple, I will talk about what I usually do during the week, on weekends, etc and ask the students what they do. If the new structure is Future Simple, we will discuss plans for the summer vacations, for the future, etc.

During the talk, I will use the new structure as often as possible without any grammatical explanations. I will correct students if they do not speak correctly simply by repeating the sentence in the right way without going into explanations.

The next stage will be presentation of the new structure through a text.

I will use a text where the new structure appears quite often. We will read the text and talk briefly about it. Then we will concentrate on the new structure and I will ask questions in order to elicit the answers from the students. This way we will discuss form, structure and usage in context.

Practice of the new structure in class is strongly recommended. A short exercise from the book – about 5 minutes – will be enough and then I will proceed to the homework.

I believe assigning homework every lesson or almost every lesson is very important. The secret, however, is to pay attention to the following suggestions:

Only 2-3 sentences, chosen at random, from every exercise.

Explain the homework in class. Read out the instructions and make sure that they are clearly understood.

Do the first sentence of every exercise in class.

And last but not least:

Correct the homework in class next time, not all the homework. That takes too much time and it can get very boring. Correct 2-3 sentences at random from every exercise. Try to have many pupils participate in the homework correction. The importance of the homerwork must be stressed every day.


And that's all for today  :-). 

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