Final lesson on Conditionals – Summary and Review

We examined the third condition last time. It's time to sum up.

Conditionals – Summary and Review:

Condition 1

If + Present Simple + Future Simple

This condition expresses a real possibility. It refers to the FUTURE.

If you work hard, you will succeed. (in the Future). 

אם תעבוד קשה, תצליח (בעתיד).

Condition 2

If + Past Simple + Future Past.

This condition expresses an assumption or a wish. It refers to the PRESENT.

If you worked hard, you would succeed. (Apparently, you are not working hard and that's why you have failed.)

לו היית עובד קשה (בהווה), היית מצליח. (כנראה שאתה לא עובד קשה וזו הסיבה לכישלון.)

Condition 3

If + Past Perfect + Future Perfect

This condition expresses an impossible situation since it refers to the PAST.

If you had worked harder last year, you would have succeeded.

לו היית עובד קשה יותר בשנה שעברה, היית מצליח. (כעת מאוחר מדי. הדבר הזה שייך לעבר.)

And that is all for today.  

For more details and explanations, please see:

דקדוק אנגלי לדוברי עברית, עמ'  102-104

For explanations in English and practice, please see:

The New Language Guidebook and Workbook, p 100-105.

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