Stories to Read and Remember


Stories to Read and Remember


הספר מיועד לתלמידי כתות ז' – ט'

הספר מכיל:

  • 12 סיפורים
  • תרגילים לפיתוח אוצר מילים וכישורי הבנת טקסט
  • מטלות מפורטות לפיתוח כישורי שפה דבורה וכתובה

המדריך למורה
מכיל מפתח תשובות.

מק"ט b1 קטגוריה תגיות , , ,
לחץ על זכוכית המגדלת לצפייה בדוגמאות מהספר.

חוות דעת


    I love the stories – they are varied, interesting, funny at times, and very well written. They are also each introduced by an illustration, which could serve for pre-reading activities.
    It is a good idea each story is divided into two parts, and followed by glossaries in both Hebrew and Arabic, which would probably be more useful for junior school students and struggling high school students.
    The cloze and some of the completion exercises make for good vocabulary practice.
    I also love the suggestions for oral discussion, which could easily be assigned as comprehension questions instead of the true and false exercises.
    The book may best be used for extensive reading and further learning by encouraging students, for example, to look for the authors of the original stories.

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