!!!Me too


!!!Me too


Me too!!! is a story about Puggy, a lovely, little dog that would like to be bigger, stronger and richer, almost like King, his next door neighbor.

The readers, children ages 3-8, can follow Puggy's adventures and share his joy and grief along about thirty pages of rhymes, humor and colorful illustrations.

Me too!!! is sold by Amazon as an e-book (digital / kindle format) or as a printed book. You can see a sample (click on sample) of the book (about three pages) on the Amazon. com site and you can purchase the digital book or the printed version.

For a direct link to the book, click here. For Hebrew children's books, click here.

If you prefer to buy the digital version (not the printed version) directly from this site, you can do it  by following the next instructions.

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  1. Gilah Arbel

    .Seems a really good educational story. I love it

    Gilah Arbel

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