Teaching the Infinitive

How can we teach the Infinitive?

This post will deal with teaching tips concerning the Infinitive.

I would suggest to choose a text in which we have many examples of the use of the Infinitive in order to introduce the structure. This way, students will be exposed to the structure in a relevant context.

 We might start with the following picture meant to stimulate conversation.


After a short class conversation on the subject of plastic surgery, we might introduce the following passage.

Reading Passage

Modern plastic surgery began during World War 1. Its aim was to help the thousands of wounded soldiers who needed physical reconstruction. Surgeons developed techniques to reconstruct damaged parts of the body and facial features. 

As the years went by, surgeons began to use similar techniques for healthy people who wished to look better or younger. In the past, it was generally people in the show business or millionnaires who had a face lift or acquired a new nose. Thanks to advances in medical techniques, reduction in cost and wide publicity, more and more people turn to plastic surgeons for help.

These operations are not, however, risk – free. There is always the chance of an unexpected complication. Therefore, people should turn to a plastic surgeon only after serious consideration, having weighed all aspects of the issue.

 Suggestions for Class Activities:

Discuss the advantages and risks of plastic surgery.

Suggestions for Writing Activities:

You have undergone a nose operation. You are not satisfied with the results. Write a letter of complaint to the Director of the clinic where the operation was performed.

The following hints may help you:

32 Jaffa St.


December 28, 2016

Beauty Clinic

Dr. Daniel Levy


Dear Sir,

I would like to file a complaint against Dr. …

The operation on my nose took place in ………………..  on …………………………. 

As a result of the operation ……………………

I intend …………..

I expect ………


Dorit Zehavy


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