Integrating two texts – Advanced level

Is it possible to integrate two texts?

Yes, as long as they deal with different aspects of the same subject or at least, as long as we can find what they have in common.

How can we do it?

Let's start with the first text.

Text No.1*

Students often complain about great pressure at school. They say they have practically no free time. Most of their time is taken up by school work. They spend hours on homework and are too busy to read books, meet friends, engage in hobbies, etc.

Homework may not be the only problem for many youngsters. Many students suffer from test anxiety. They often sleep badly the night before the test and therefore, find it difficult to wake up in time for the exam. Pressure may cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. They may feel too anxious during the exam to even understand the questions.

The pressure in Japanese schools seems to be even harder than in many other countries. The high pressure system of education in Japan starts very early. Japanese children begin to attend private afternoon schools at the age of three to ensure their entry to prestigious institutions. The competition is very high. Japanese children are expected to work so hard that they hardly have any time left to play games. Apparently, the efforts pay off. In international science tests Japanese children get very high grades. Many educators feel, however,  that the price Japanese children may have to pay for success is often too high.


Read the text carefully.

Complete the following sentences according to the text.

  • Japanese children start …
  • Nevertheless, many educators think …
  • However, the situation in Japan is …
  • Many youngsters spend most of their time …
  • Students often find it hard to understand the questions because …
  • Many students complain about …
  • Many Japanese three year olds go …
  • Indeed, Japanese kids get …

Rearrange the sentences in chronological order according to the passage.

Look at the last sentence. What price may Japanese children have to pay? What does the paragraph imply?

Give a suitable title to the text.

What is the main idea of every paragraph?

Sum up the text.

Text No.2*

Many students often complain that school work takes up so much of their time that they have no time left for other activities. However, if we observe the working habits of most students, we see that they often waste much of their valuable time. 

Learning how to be well organized is the first step towards efficiency. We should start by making a list of the five or six main tasks we have to do and number them according to their importance or urgency. The next morning we should look at the list and start working accordingly.

Different students work best at different hours of the day. If you see that you concentrate best towards the end of the day, take a nap in the afternoon and prepare for your test in the late hours of the evening and at night. If you are an early riser, you may find that waking up at four o'clock in the morning might be the answer for you. After a quick shower and breakfast, you still have three long hours left before school. You can probably put these hours to better use than in the evening.

And a last suggestion: Take advantage of every minute. On the bus or while waiting for the dentist to take care of your teeth, read a chapter of history or geography, for instance. If you learn to make the beat use of your time, you may find time for hobbies and social activities.


Read the text carefully and suggest a suitable title.

Find the main idea of every paragraph.

Sum up the text.

What new information have you found in the second text?

What do the two texts have in common?

Can you integrate the two texts into one?

Suggest a suitable title for the new text.

Suggestions for Class Discussion:

  • In what way is the Japanese system of education better or worse than our system?
  • What changes would you introduce into the Israeli school system?
  • When do you study for your exams? Why?
  • Do you have time for hobbies? If you do, talk about them. If you don't, explain why.

Homework Assignments

Write 2 – 3 paragraphs about one of the following subjects:

  • Describe your ideal school. (What time would you like school to start? How long should the lessons be? How many lessons a day? How many breaks? How long?)
  • Describe your ideal daily schedule. (What would you really like to do? In what way does it differ from your daily routine?)
  • Describe your ideal teacher.


And that's all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

*- For more exercises on this text, please see The Lively World of English – Book 1 – p 109 – 112 and p 130 – 133.

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