A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body – Part 2

In my last post I introduced the first aspect of the general subject of this unit: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body – The Maccabiah.

Today we will discuss another aspect: Sport Addiction.

Let’s talk about it.

  • Can people be addicted to sports? Explain.
  • What is the difference between active and passive sportsmen?
    Are you an active sportsman?
    Can you justify your answer by giving a few examples?
  • Can you define a passive sportsman?
    In what way does he differ from an active one?
    Do you know any passive sportsmen?
    Can you describe them?
  • Do you know what sports addiction means?
    Can you give examples?
  • Have you heard about Sport Addicts Anonymous?
    What is the purpose of this organization?
  • Can you mention other anonymous organizations?
    What do they have in common?

Getting ready to Read

The last sentence of the passage you are about to read is:  

The motto is moderation.

What does the sentence imply?

Does it apply to addiction to sports only?

Do you agree that this should be the motto?

Based  on this sentence and the title of this section, try to predict the contents of the passage.

Reading Passage

Read the following passage and then answer the questions that follow.

1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me welcome you to the Sports Addicts Anonymous Organization. It is our goal to help you recover from the sport obsession that has been ruining your lives.

2. Some of you belong to the active sport addicts category. It all started as an innocent hobby, actually, a positive habit. Yon used to jog every morning and play tennis a couple of times a week. Sport was part of your routine, an excellent way to preserve your health and looks. And yet, gradually, things got out of control. Sport took over your life. You started to exercise for hours a day at the expense of your career and your home. Your health has been affected. Some of the damage to your body may be irrevocable and yet, you cannot stop.

3. The second group, the passive sport addicts, are just as obsessed. They spend most of their time in front of the T.V. screen following the games of their choice. They have lost all other interests, Their careers and home-life are down to the drain. Watching is usually accompanied by eating. As a result, their health  and looks have been severely affected. 

4. Dear friends,
You have already made the first step. You are here. We will help you. We will fight together and eventually overcome your weakness. Remember, today may be the first day of a new, healthy life. The motto is: Moderation!


1. Who is the passage addressed to (paragraph 1)?


2.  This passage is:

a. a letter.

b. a speech.

c. a commercial.

d. an article.

3. What is the aim of the passage (paragraph 1)?


4. What do active sport addicts do (paragraph 2)?


5. What are the risks involved in active sport addiction (paragraph 2)?


6. What words (paragraph 2) show that the sport addicts may be unable to fully recover from the physical health point of view?


7. Is passive sport addiction dangerous as well (paragraph 3)?  Explain.


8. Copy the words that show that passive sport may have a negative effect on the addict’s marriage (paragraph 3).


9. Why do many passive sport addicts have a weight problem (paragraph 3)?


10. Should sport addicts stop all involvement in sports (paragraph 4)? Justify your answer.


Reading Comprehension 

Editing and Correcting

A close reading of the following passage will show that an absent-minded editor has mixed up the order of the paragraphs and left irrelevant sentences in the passage.

Read the passage carefully and then:

  • Rearrange the paragraphs in suitable order.
  • Find the irrelevant sentences (one in each paragraph) and cross them out.
  • Give the passage a suitable title.

Helpful Vocabulary:

approach   –   גישה

remote control   –   שלט רחוק

conduct   –   לנהל

parallel   –   מקביל

laundry   –   כביסה

elevator, lift   –   מעלית

Reading Passage

The approach to sports is very different today. We are all aware of the importance of physical fitness in a healthy, productive, modern society. It’s time we all stopped using the remote control applications.

The main reason can probably be found in our modern life-style. Everything modern is bad. We hardly use our muscles in everyday life. Machines have been invented to help us avoid any unnecessary effort.

Another reason for the poor physical condition of the Israeli population goes back to our history. Jews, traditionally, used to pay little attention to sports. The ancient Greeks loved sports. It was considered a waste of time which had better be spent on studies and reading.

A recent study conducted by the Ministry of Education among tenth grade students in Israel, shows that most of them are not as physically fit as youngsters in parallel age groups in Western countries. Their grades in Geography are very poor as well.

For example, we don’t walk or ride horses any longer; we drive. We don’t wash clothes or dishes or even hang out the laundry; washing machines, dishwashers and driers do all these tasks for us. We don’t have to carry heavy grocery bags. We can have them delivered right into our kitchen. We should definitely eat more vegetables. We don’t have to climb stairs; we can use the elevator instead. Actually, we don’t even have to get up from our armchair to turn on or off the television. We can use the remote control. 

And that’s all for today. More texts and suggestions in my next post.

Lea 🙂 




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